Why Resist?

The Securities and Exchange Commission was formed to protect regular Americans from being taken advantage of by Wall Street.

That’s why Clayton is a downright dangerous choice for SEC Chair – just look at his resume:

✓ Partner at a law firm that specializes in protecting Wall Street banks
✓ Bailout attorney for Goldman Sachs during the financial crisis
✓ Married to a Goldman Sachs partner

The SEC Chair is supposed to referee Wall Street banks, but Clayton has spent his entire career protecting their interests — and more than half of his family income currently comes from one of them. How can he be trusted to suddenly switch sides and put working Americans first?

In an administration already full of Wall Street executives, we must stand up against Jay Clayton’s nomination to chair the SEC. 

Who is Resisting?

The following organizations, along with everyday Americans, are standing in solidarity against this hostile takeover of our government and our economy:

Our Revolution, Allied Progress, Public Citizen, Take on Wall Street, CPD Action, Rootstrikers, People For The American Way, Friends of the Earth, People’s Action, American Family Voices, Daily Kos, The Nation., Good Jobs Defenders, International Corporate Accountability Roundtable.